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Amazing things sometimes happen on Wilhelminenhofstrasse in Oberschöneweide. In Kirsten Heuschen's studio, for example, people regularly gather to take a break together. A chemical emulsion is then produced in order to then work mysteriously with paper and materials in dimmed light. No, no forgotten episode of Breaking Bad is filmed here, but experiments are carried out with old analog photo and reproduction techniques. Visual artist Kirsten shares her fascination with blueprints in rather special monthly workshops and classes. Blueprinting, also known as cyanotype, is about playing with light and light-sensitive materials, i.e. the essential basics of photography. Any photo or image is transformed into a fascinating and always unique shimmering blue print using non-toxic photo chemicals and natural exposure to sunlight or UV lamps (Berlin Sky you know!). During the workshop you will learn the most important basics of the technique and of course you can make your own print and take it home with you. In addition to a large selection of inspiring motifs and objects that Kirsten has ready for you, you can of course also bring your own analogue and digital photos. Experiments are expressly encouraged. For example, it is possible to paint with the photo emulsion or to expose motifs on fabric and other materials.

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