Cyanotype in Berlin. Cyanotype workshops for beginners and extraordinary team events in an artist studio with a view onto the river Spree.

Workshops and team events with happiness guarantee

Cyanotype, also known as sun print, is a historical photo technique with deep cyan tones. The technique has fascinating and surprising effects and is easy and particularly suitable for experimenting in a relaxed atmosphere. Prior knowledge is not required.

We expose photo templates, small objects and beautiful things such as flowers and grass. It's about playing with light and shadow, the basics of photography. You can even turn your own photos into cyanotypes or combine completely different things. You can quickly and playfully create your own unique cyanotypes.

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customer opinions

Really great cyanotype course. Was very fun. And then in the most beautiful studio with a view of the Spree. Warmest recommendation. (Elly)

Kirsten's cyanotype workshop was so much fun I would recommend it to anyone regardless of age (it's GREAT for kids too)! She is really knowledgeable, has a lot of experience with all types of photograms and has such a passion for the technique that it is contagious. There were so many wow moments during the workshop and I will definitely attend again. Thank you Kirsten!! (Sarah)

I thought the course in the studio on the Spree was great. The artist was very responsive to the participants and created a good balance between support in dealing with the technology and "freedom" in trying things out and being creative. She could create a relaxed atmosphere. I benefited a lot from this course and find the blueprint technique very interesting. Thanks Kirsten. (Silvia)