Customer opinions

Kirsten's cyanotype workshop was so much fun I would recommend it to anyone regardless of age (it's GREAT for kids too)! She is really knowledgeable, has a lot of experience with all types of photograms and has such a passion for the technique that it is contagious. There were so many wow moments during the workshop and I will definitely attend again. Thank you Kirsten!! (Sarah)

I thought the course in the studio on the Spree was great. The artist was very responsive to the participants and created a good balance of support in dealing with the technology and "freedom" in trying things out and being creative. She could create a relaxed atmosphere. I benefited a lot from this course and find the blueprint technique very interesting. Thanks Kirsten. (Silvia)

Really great cyanotype course. Was very fun. And then in the most beautiful studio with a view of the Spree. Warmest recommendation. (Ellie)

Had a blast! A very unique way to see this industrial side of the city and get in touch with your creative side. Kirsten was nice and explained the process well. There's a lot of work to take home too - great value and a great way to take the memories home. Wherever that is! (David)

Kirsten was a great teacher, she left lots of room for creativity and provided all the tools one needs to create! Overall experience was great. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a creative outlet, interested in art and photography or just looking for an unforgettable experience! (Kevin)

Here you will find a calm, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and a genuine, friendly and enthusiastic artist wrapped in quiet East German industrial architects. She is ready to give you this workshop. You just bring your body and drop your blue on the paper. I can only recommend!

A great experience, you can let off steam creatively without special knowledge and without preparation , a great place, human and atmospheric, I can only recommend it, and I hope to visit Kirsten again. (Ervant)

Kirsten is a true artist , open and willing to share her incredible process to create Cyanotypes. It was such a meaningful exchange and workshop! I would highly recommend it to anyone. No prior knowledge required! It's all about exploring and experimenting. (Brenna)

Very unique and artisanal experience. Kirsten was very welcoming and accommodating when we discovered this unique and fascinating photographic printing technique. Highly recommended! (Mehdi)

That was a phenomenal experience. I ended up using pictures from my travels and using these as keepsakes! Kirsten is very patient, friendly and passionate about her work. She makes you feel comfortable and encourages people who don't consider themselves artists (me) to step out of their comfort zone. I only have good things to say about it. Do it!! (Katherine)

Unique experience! Kirsten is an inspired artist and a very nice teacher. I learned a lot from the preparation, the exposure to the development and the magic final step :) (Lin)

My daughter and I had a truly brilliant, creative and inspiring afternoon with Kirsten . The workshop was very well trained and we learned about the technique and were able to experiment with our own ideas. Kirsten is really friendly and also told us a lot about Berlin and Germany. We left with amazing unique images that we had created. I can highly recommend it. (Viv)

We recommend! Simple yet versatile technique that's easy to learn in an afternoon and continue at home. Nice that you can take the results home with you. Kirsten is a kind and welcoming host. I learned so much from her. Her own work is interesting too, so ask her for all the tricks! Thank you Kirsten! (Thamar)

What a unique and inspiring workshop. We enjoyed learning more about cyanotype printing, and Kirsten encourages hands-on experience and creativity. I loved the prints I got and definitely want to do more of this expression. Her studio has a lovely view of the river and the coffee, tea and treats were a nice touch :) (Jenny)

Dear Kirsten, thank you very much for the great day! We had a lot of fun and you are a great person! 100% recommendation. Kirsten took a lot of time and her own enthusiasm for this craft & hosting makes it a special experience. (Phillip & Karo)

Kirsten is amazing and I would absolutely recommend her class! She is talented and passionate about her art - she shines through. I learned so much about blueprints, photography, art, the Berlin artist scene and people :) Thanks for the enlightenment Kirsten. (Kay)

Kirsten was an incredible teacher and her class was a lot of fun. I also had some issues with my negative and she was kind enough to help me make more and give me more time to make sure I could get a cyanotype I was happy with. I highly recommend this discovery to anyone interested in a hands-on artistic discovery. It was also extremely therapeutic and meditative. (Rae)

Kirsten is a great hostess! I enjoyed every moment of this experience, part of it is getting away from the city center and enjoying a good time in Kirsten's photogenic studio which also overlooks the river. My experience was exceptional on every level. Kirsten is a great teacher, but before that a great artist and person. I learned a lot, had fun and enjoyed the company of sweet people. In addition, I created a few artistic prints that I took with me. Thank you Kirsten!! (Hussain)

Thank you Kirsten!!!! It was such a nice experience at your workshop! Because it was not only about developing pictures, but also that you can make free paintings with this technique if you want! And sometimes I was surprised by an effect that I could not imagine. I'm having a great time!

Kirsten's workshop was one of the highlights of my vacation in Berlin.
Kirsten organized the workshop in such a relaxed and friendly way that everyone can have fun while creating their artwork. I also got a lot of inspiration from the other participants at the workshop! The technique used in the creation is safe and very easy to follow. Kirsten did a great job of offering us her advice. She was also very patient in explaining different forms of printing techniques to us.
The best part about this workshop is that you can take home the memories you created here! I absolutely loved this experience and look forward to coming back soon! (Ellen)

Kirsten is a true master of her craft! She welcomed us into her studio, gave us brief instructions and let us dive right into the design. She gave us practical lessons and creative tips. She also gave us tips on galleries, shows and art shops to visit. That was really a great experience!! (Freddy)

Kirsten's blue studio is the very first place we visited when we arrived in Berlin. It's not far from downtown and it's so much fun to go to the district for different experiences. Kirsten loves what she loves and is generous in showing us what she loves. We are having such an enjoyable and enjoyable time with Kirsten!! We are so thankful that she shared and appreciate the time with her!!! She also gives us great tips for Berlin! (Yanan)

Kirsten's course was fantastic! She took the time to turn a handful of my pictures into negatives for class which was great. I really enjoyed seeing how the process works and she gave me the opportunity to experiment. Kirsten is very friendly and gave excellent recommendations on what else to see while visiting Berlin. Your course was a highlight of my trip. (Ryan)

Kirsten is a very warm hostess and welcomed us with coffee, fruit and biscuits. She is very experienced in the field of cyanotype and has been a very good tutor. I highly recommend this class. Have a nice time making art in a chilled environment :) (Lilya)

Kirsten is great. She teaches you the techniques and then leaves you to experiment and find your own. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend this course. (Kshitij)

Can't recommend this workshop enough! Kirsten is a lovely, friendly and informative host. The course was great fun and I learned a new skill that I will be using again shortly. (Chenoa)

Nice experience in a nice place. Kirsten's studio is very impressive and she is very good at guiding you in this technique. (Thomas)

The afternoon with Kirsten was inspiring, engaging and instructive! I would book the course again and again :) (Marc)

Unforgettable time. I will never forget the time, thanks for Kirsten. (Jane)